Quick Answer: What Insurance Do You Need For Turo?

What insurance does Turo use?

Liberty Mutual“When lending out your vehicle on Turo in the United States, the company provides insurance for the host through its partnership with Liberty Mutual.” “Liberty Mutual, the fifth-largest insurance company in the U.S., is Turo’s exclusive provider.”.

How much does Turo insurance cost?

Turo protection plans by regionUSCanada*UKPremier** 100% of the trip price; minimum of $14/dayPremier 60% of the trip price; minimum of $15/dayPremier 80% of the trip priceStandard 40% of the trip price; minimum of $12/dayStandard 40% of the trip price; minimum of $7.50/dayStandard 30% of the trip price2 more rows

What does Turo minimum cover?

“Minimum” plan: Under the Minimum plan, the amount that the primary Guest is liable to pay out of their own pocket for Physical Damage (other than Mechanical or Interior Damage) to the Vehicle during the booked trip, plus Related Costs such as claims administrative fees and appraisal costs (and after exhaustion of any …

Why does Turo say not eligible?

You may have forgotten to enter or verify a key piece of information, such as your phone number, email address, driver’s license, or payment card. Or we may still be reviewing your materials. To check, log onto Turo and go to your Account page. Scroll down to see your “Approval status.”