Quick Answer: How Do You Cancel Thumbtack?

Is thumbtack good for contractors?

Overall, Thumbtack seems to be able to work for the right contractors and it’s worth exploring.

If you have the time to put in to make a profile, respond to leads, and review competitor information, you may be able to succeed on Thumbtack..

How do I reactivate my thumbtack account?

Reactivate my account – Thumbtack Help. Go here to reactivate your account. Enter your information. Click Submit for review.

How much does it cost to list on thumbtack?

Thumbtack sets the opening bid price for a lead’s contact information. If you win the bidding process, you get to pitch that lead – and the cost is paid in “credits”. Each credit costs $1.67 to buy and leads can cost anywhere from 2 to 9 credits (so $3.34 to $15.30 per lead).

Is thumbtack a good service?

Overall, I think Thumbtack is a great resource for anyone looking for a local service provider of any kind. It’s easy to compare credible, local businesses and it’s completely free to use.

Does thumbtack send fake leads?

Thumbtack does not generate fake requests. … We have a lot of customers that come to Thumbtack and hire professionals to help them complete their personal projects. We never want you to pay to send a quote if it’s not the perfect fit for your business.

How do I request a review on thumbtack?

Go to your Messages tab. Select the customer’s message. Click Request a review. Choose a review date and write your message.

How do you sign up for thumbtack?

How to Create A Thumbtack Pro AccountStep 1: Select Your Services. Let’s get started: Head to thumbtack.com and select “Join as a Pro”. … Step 2: Set Up Your Profile. Before you can start responding to potential customers, you need to complete your profile. … Step 3: Send Quotes! On to the fun part…

Is HomeAdvisor worth the money?

Contractors have also noted that the leads they earn from HomeAdvisor aren’t worth their time. Each time you receive a new lead on HomeAdvisor, you’re charged a fee. … Leads for bigger contracting jobs can cost more than $50! And if you’re just starting out, you can’t afford to be spending that amount on every lead.

Can you delete reviews on thumbtack?

While you can’t edit or delete reviews, you can update it to add new details or clarify your experience.

Why was my thumbtack account deactivated?

We are reaching out because we have found an association between your account and another that was removed from Thumbtack. While we truly want to help you be successful in your business efforts, because of this connection, we will be unable to continue listing your service with us and have closed your account.

How do you pause leads on thumbtack?

Make sure you log in when your business is live again, so you can respond to customers and maintain your rank….Go to your Services.Select the three-dot menu.Select Hide my business temporarily.Pick an end date (up to 30 days out).Select Hide my business now.

Is the thumbtack app free?

Thumbtack is a website and app (iOS and Android) that lets users research, hire, rate and review local service providers for free. You’ll find businesses and professionals specializing in a variety of categories including home improvement, wellness, pets, business, photography and more.

How does thumbtack get their leads?

We’ll send you leads when customers show interest in your business. And when a lead matches your preferences, you pay for it automatically. Customers come to Thumbtack searching for pros to hire, and you show up in search results that match your targeting preferences.

How do I get more leads on thumbtack?

We all know whenever we are looking to hire someone, we always look for good reviews. Reviews are absolutely essential on Thumbtack. Send a short and friendly email to past couples and ask them to fill out the feedback page on your profile webpage. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to book a lead.

How do I unsubscribe from thumbtack emails?

Log in and go to your Notifications. Need help with your password? Go here first.Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click Unsubscribe All.In the pop-up window, click Unsubscribe All to confirm.