Question: Why Is Arc Teryx So Expensive?

How can you tell a fake arcteryx?

Logos: Tidy, precise, tightly stitched, visually match the brand standard and Arc’teryx is spelled correctly – watch for the apostrophe.

Velcro tabs: Tapered shape, supple material, no excess decoration or rubberized tabs.

Zippers: High quality YKK or Vislon zippers only, with colour matched powder coated sliders..

Are arcteryx jackets worth the money?

Yes. Their jackets are really good. Be it in performance or in longevity, it’s very hard to find other jackets that compare on both of these factors. Especially when you take into consideration that these are technical pieces that are made not just to perform beautifully but to also wear and fit comfortably.

Is Arc teryx better than North Face?

Arcteryx is well known among extreme winter people to be among the best of the best. North face, on the other hand, is more economic and designed to be for the average joe. I would pick the arcteryx hands down as you are guaranteed better quality and higher levels of both waterproofness and breathability.

Is arcteryx a luxury brand?

Arc’teryx Veilance is a luxury performance product line started in 2009. The products are made to be top of the line business wear while also being very functional for different climates.

Why is Arc teryx so expensive Reddit?

As said in the video durability and performance, maybe because they established a good reputation in clothing industry, you are not just buying hoodies it is more expensive because of the brand attached on it 🙂 Last year, I purchased an Arcteryx jacket right before a month long trip where I’d be hiking most days.

Is Arc teryx better than Patagonia?

Arc’teryx Beta SL Hybrid Jacket It outperforms Patagonia’s H2No by miles, and in that sense the Arc’teryx is by far the better option. The only aspect in which Gore-Tex is not as good as Patagonia’s in-house fabric is comfort. Gore-Tex tends to be really stiff, so it’s not very comfortable to wear.