Question: Where Can I Add Value To Clipper Card?

How much do you save with a Clipper card?

Yes, there is still a one-time $3.00 acquisition fee for an adult Clipper card but Bay Area visitors save money at multiple transit systems with Clipper.

In addition to the 50-cent per trip savings on BART, adult Muni customers who use Clipper save 50-cents on single-ride fares..

Do Clipper cards expire?

Cash on your card won’t expire; time-limited passes and tickets will expire. To load a Monthly Pass or cash, customers with Clipper cards (Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled) can load their products immediately by going to: … Clipper Add-Value Machines at San Francisco, Diridon and Palo Alto stations.

Can you use Clipper card for more than one person?

The paper Passport is better for visitors, But a Clipper card cannot be used by two people. … So each person in the group must have their own Clipper.

What happens if I lose my Clipper card?

For a $5 fee, we can replace your adult, Youth or Senior Clipper card and restore your balance. At your request, we can mail you a new card with your balance restored, typically within 2 business days. For faster replacement, you also can pick up your replacement card at a Clipper Customer Service Center.

How do I add a commuter check to my Clipper card?

On or after the 20th after you have confirmed the fund is available on your MasterCard, log in to your Clipper account at and select “Add Value to Card” to order BART high-value discount ticket ($45 for $48 or $60 for $64).

How much is a Youth Clipper card?

Riding the bus every day to and from school (about 40 times a month) will cost you $42 (that $1.05 really adds up, doesn’t it?). But a 31-day youth pass on your Clipper card is only $20. That’s like getting half your rides for free. You can do a whole lot more with an extra $20 a month in your pocket.

Can I add value to my Clipper card at Walgreens?

Walgreens/other retailers Buy an adult Clipper card or load value on any type of Clipper card.

How long does it take to add value to Clipper card?

3-5 daysWhen adding value to your Clipper card, choose the combination of passes, tickets or cash that suit your needs. You can add value in several ways. Value added in person is available instantly, while it may take up to 3-5 days for value added online or over the phone to be available.

What does Clipper card do?

To use your card simply look for a Clipper reader on the bus or at fare gates, stations or ferry terminals. Press your card to the reader. When your ticket has been accepted, you will hear a beep and see a green light (the BART fare gates will read “OK”).

How do I apply for a Clipper card?

You may also apply in person at a Clipper Customer Service Center or participating transit partner location to get a card immediately. See full list of locations at Questions? Call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.

Is there a Clipper card app?

An account-based system that will let customers reload their Clipper cards through a variety of methods and use the value right away. A new mobile app that lets customers use their smart phones to manage their account and pay their fares.

Can you add value to Clipper card at BART station?

You tell us in advance what you want, and Clipper will reload your card when the cash value or BART high-value discount balance is below $10, or when your pass expires. You can use a credit card, debit card (including transit benefit card) or bank account.

How do I get a free Clipper card?

Apply for a free $20 Clipper Card….Try Transit to/from WorkLive or work in Contra Costa County.Are 18 years of age or older.Would otherwise drive alone to/from an employment location if this incentive program were not available.Agree to complete a brief questionnaire to assess the effectiveness of this program.

How much is a Clipper card?

*Adult Clipper cards cost $3.

Is Bart cheaper with Clipper?

The regional Clipper card is the easiest fare payment option because it has autoload and balance protection features when the card is registered. Using Clipper at BART is also cheaper because you don’t need to pay a paper ticket surcharge.

Can I use my senior Clipper card on BART?

Clipper is accepted for fare payment on eight transit agencies: BART, AC Transit, SFMuni, Caltrain, SamTrans, Santa Clara Valley Transit (VTA), Golden Gate buses and ferries and the San Francisco Bay Ferry. For more information, please call MyTransitPlus at (415) 399-9669.

Can I get a Senior Clipper card at Walgreens?

Clipper cards can be purchased at, one of Clipper’s® retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos. Adult cards cost $3. Youth and Senior cards are free.

Can Clipper card go negative?

As part of a convenience feature for users, the Clipper card can “go negative” — meaning a passenger can exit a station without having paid the full cost of the trip. … Since Clipper cards are free, passengers can add a nominal fare to their balance and make lengthy trips.

Where do I get a Senior Clipper card?

You may also apply in person at a Clipper Customer Service Center or participating transit partner location to get a card immediately. See full list of locations at Questions? Call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.

How do I enable autoload on my Clipper card?

Log in to your Clipper account. Find your card and select Manage Autoload from the More Options menu.

Can you cash out a Clipper card?

7.1 A Cardholder may request a refund of the remaining cash value on a Registered Card with a minimum $5 cash value balance by mailing his/her Card to the Clipper® Customer Service Center with a completed Clipper Cancellation Form, which is available on the Clipper® website at