Is Libro Masculine Or Feminine?

Is Zapatos singular or plural?

zapato is singular zapatos is plural, there is no 3rd word necessary..

What is Zapatos?

English Translation. shoes. More meanings for zapatos. shoes noun.

Is pantalones masculine or feminine?

No. Pantalón is a masculine noun. It does not need to match anything.

Is Zapatos masculine or feminine in Spanish?

The adjectives “rojo” agrees with noun in gender and number. Since “manzanas” (apples) is feminine, the plural adjective would be “rojas.” The same goes for plural masculine nouns such as “zapatos.” The modifying adjective becomes “rojos.”

Is libro masculine or feminine?

Gender of NounsMasculineFeminineel jardínla universidadgardenuniversityel librola revistabookmagazine4 more rows

Is Botas masculine or feminine?

“un vélo” is masculine.