Is Axis Bluechip ELSS?

Is ELSS better than PPF?

PPF is suited for individuals who are absolutely risk-averse and can afford a 15-year lock-in period.

Whereas those investors who are willing to take a moderate risk to earn higher returns can opt for ELSS.

The best way to reduce risk in ELSS to its minimum is by staying invested for the long term..

Is ELSS maturity tax free?

You may invest any amount you like in an Equity-Linked Savings Scheme. However, investments only up to Rs 1,50,000 a year are tax-exempt under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961. … The Long-Term Capital Gains on ELSS are tax-exempt up to Rs 1 lakh, and dividend received is tax-free in the hands of investors.

Which Bluechip fund is best?

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual FundsFund NameCategory1Y ReturnsCanara Robeco Bluechip Equity FundEquity12.2%Invesco India Largecap FundEquity6.0%Kotak Bluechip FundEquity6.7%BNP Paribas Large Cap FundEquity5.5%12 more rows

Is ELSS part of 80c?

The investments in ELSS receive tax benefit under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Is Axis Bluechip Fund a good investment?

The Axis Bluechip Fund aims to outperform the benchmark with risk lower than the benchmark. Axis Bluechip Fund holds asset class benefits. Equity as an asset class holds the potential to beat inflation and generate long term wealth. Axis Bluechip Fund may help investors achieve their targeted their financial goals.

What is Axis bluechip?

Axis Bluechip Fund is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stocks. … Equity as an asset class holds the potential to beat inflation and generate long term wealth.

Which is better sip or PPF?

SIP investment in mutual funds are ideal for all, short term, medium term and long term goals. They are ideal for wealth creation and fulfilment of goals. A PPF is ideally suitable for only long term investments of 15 years or more. … SIP investment in mutual funds do not have a defined lock-in period.

Is ELSS tax free?

Better post-tax returns: Except PPF and NPS, ELSS offers better post-tax returns than other 80C investments because long term capital gains of up to Rs. 1 lakh a year from ELSS mutual funds are exempt from income tax and long-term capital gains above Rs. 1 lakh are taxed at 10%.

How is Axis Bluechip fund?

One equity scheme suitable in the current scenario is Axis Bluechip Fund. … More than 95% of the scheme’s portfolio is invested in blue-chip and large-cap companies. Investors could take exposure to equities through the scheme using the systematic investment plan (SIP) route.

Is Axis Bluechip fund comes under 80c?

Consider that Axis Mutual Fund can help you save tax up to Rs. … This is an open-ended ELSS savings scheme with a 3-year lock-in period. It provides tax benefits up to Rs. 47,668 under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Is ELSS taxable after 3 years?

Now after the introduction of 10% Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) tax on equity and equity oriented mutual funds, this ELSS fund will also become taxable since these ELSS funds are equity oriented. This fund is sold by the investor after a period of 3 years at Rs 3.0 lakhs, thus making a gain of Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Is SIP better than FD?

Fixed deposit is the best investment option for conservative investors only. … On the other hand, returns cannot be guaranteed in a systematic investment plan or an SIP. There is no doubt in the fact that an SIP provides higher returns in comparison to fixed deposits but there is no guarantee of returns in an SIP.