How Long Would It Take To Drive From Melbourne To Perth?

How long does it take from Perth to Melbourne by train?

approximately 2 daysNo, there is no direct train from Perth to Melbourne.

However, there are services departing from Perth and arriving at Southern Cross via Adelaide.

The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 2 days 7h..

Has anyone ever walked around Australia?

Modern-day adventurer Terra Roam has become the first woman to walk solo and unsupported 17,000 kilometres around Australia, crossing the finish line in her hometown of Newcastle last week. But the 46-year-old said a lack of recognition had seen the feat “completely ignored” for the first 12,000kms or so.

Is there phone reception on the Nullarbor?

— There is very little phone reception along the highway, so let loved ones know when you’re leaving and when you reach the other end.

Where can I camp on the Nullarbor?

Campsites Nullarbor Plain10 Mile Rocks Camping Area.90 Mile Sign Rest Area.Afghan Rock Rest Area.Baxter Rest Area.Bookabie West Eastbound Rest Area.Bookabie West Westbound Rest Area.Boolaboola Rest Area.Brockway Rest Area.More items…

How is the drive from Melbourne to Perth?

When driving from Perth to Melbourne you have to get onto the Eyre Highway (Nullarbor) at the town of Norseman. However, to reach Norseman you have a choice of driving via Kalgoorlie or driving south from Perth along the southwestern coast of WA and then northwards to Norseman.

Where does the Nullarbor end?

CaigunaIt ends in Caiguna, where you can drive south to the coast to check out the Caiguna Blowhole. Play the par four 90 Mile Straight hole through the trees before dinner and a night spent at the John Eyre Motel and Caravan Park. Play the Nullarbor Links.

How long does it take to drive the Nullarbor Plain?

The Nullarbor (Latin for ‘no trees’) Plain is a limestone plain which is 720 kilometres wide. You can do the drive in four to five days but a week to 10 days will allow plenty of time to explore its secrets.

How many km is Melbourne to Perth?

The calculated flying distance from Melbourne to Perth is equal to 1691 miles which is equal to 2721 km. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Melbourne and Perth is 3417.58 km. If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 30 hours 30 minutes.

How long does it take to drive from Victoria to Perth?

approximately 35h 45mYes, the driving distance between Perth to Victoria is 3419 km. It takes approximately 35h 45m to drive from Perth to Victoria.

How long does it take to travel from one end of Australia to the other?

It takes a good 14 Days to drive the 15,823km circumference of Australia on main Highway 1 (the road that rings the continent/country). That would be with minimal stops and breaks. However, if you want to see things along the way, you should plan at least a month (at the quickest). More realistically is 3 to 6 months.

Is there a bus from Melbourne to Perth?

Getting to Perth from Melbourne by Bus You won’t be able to take a Greyhound across. However, their route map shows a gap filled in by using the service of their partners. If you choose a bus, I’d recommend a bus tour. You can search for bus tours on the Australian tours page for more information.

What is the speed limit on the Nullarbor Plain?

110 KM.Speed Limit & Highway Patrol The maximum speed limit on the Eyre Highway (A1) across the Nullarbor Plain is 110 KM. Just because this is desert and there are no civilisations around, don’t think that you can drive as fast as you can above the speed limit.

How far is Perth from Melbourne by plane?

approximately 2700 kilometersFlight time from Melbourne to Perth is 4 hours Distance from Melbourne to Perth is approximately 2700 kilometers.

How far is Perth from Melbourne by car?

The 4500-kilometre open road between Perth and Melbourne is one of the most epic road trip adventures in Australia.

Where should I stay when crossing the Nullarbor?

Pin it for Later!Norseman Roadhouse: 205 km from Esperance.Balladonia Roadhouse: 191km from Norseman.Caiguna Roadhouse: 181km from Balladonia.Cocklebiddy Roadhouse: 85km from Caiguna.Madura Roadhouse: 91km from Cocklebiddy.Mundrabilla Roadhouse: 116km from Madura.Eucla Roadhouse: 65km from Mundrabilla.More items…•

How much is a train ticket from Melbourne to Perth?

The best way to get from Melbourne to Perth without a car is to train which takes 2 days 6h and costs $650 – $1,600.

Is Australia bigger than USA?

United States is about 1.3 times bigger than Australia. Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 27% larger than Australia. Meanwhile, the population of Australia is ~25.5 million people (307.2 million more people live in United States).

Is the Nullarbor Plain a desert?

Biogeography. The Nullarbor Plain constitutes a deserts and xeric shrublands ecoregion, called the Nullarbor Plains xeric shrublands by the World Wildlife Fund. The ecoregion is coterminous with the Nullarbor biogeographic region under the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (IBRA).

How long does it take to cross the Nullarbor?

approximately two daysThe Eyre Highway is approximately 1675km long and takes approximately two days to cross. The name Nullarbor originated from the Latin terminology nullus arbor meaning ‘no trees’ because quite literally you are lucky to see any surviving tress along this desert plain.

Is it safe to drive from Melbourne to Perth?

Melbourne to Perth – Drive Facts The road is in good condition and well maintained. No gravel or mud at all. But, most of the stretch is a highway with two-way traffic.

What is the best vehicle to travel around Australia in?

Small campervans are the best car to travel around Australia In Australia, it is usually a brand Toyota Tarago/Estima, that serves to these purposes. A bed is fitted into the back of the car, but unlike station wagon, there is more storage space in a small campervan.