How Can I Make My Van More Secure?

How do I protect my van from thieves?

The basic steps you can take to help prevent vehicle theftAlways lock your van when it’s unattended.

Be careful not to advertise what might be inside your van.

Don’t leave behind valuables or any signs of them.

Remove expensive tools and equipment from your vans.

Keep your keys out of reach and sight.More items…•.

How are thieves breaking into vans?

The much-used ‘peel and steal’ method is at an all-time high and is one of the main reasons that van break-ins are on the rise. Intruders use their knees to apply pressure to the vans side doors, before pulling open from the top and creating a lasting bend in the door.

Are Ford Transit easy to break into?

However, the Ford Transit is surprisingly vulnerable to break-ins. From the rudimentary “peel and steal” technique, to the latest in car theft technology, Ford is fighting a constant battle to keep you one step ahead of thieves.

Do clubs work to deter car theft?

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock This is one of the top-rated devices when it comes to helping prevent and deter thieves from driving away in your car. … While it is one of the most recommended anti-theft devices for your car, one thing to note is it does automatically lock in place without the key.

Which Van is most secure?

Top rated vans for security Some of the top-rated Vans for higher security are the Nissan Primastar, Ford Transit, and VW Caddy just to name a few.

What cars are hardest to steal?

Here’s a list of 20 cars that no sane car thief would want to target.15 Impossible To Steal: 2017 Nissan Leaf.16 Impossible To Steal: 2020 BMW X3. … 17 Impossible To Steal: 2019 Land Rover Discovery. … 18 Impossible To Steal: Tesla Model X. … 19 Impossible To Steal: Jaguar XF. … 20 Impossible To Steal: Tesla Model S. … More items…•

How many vans are broken into each year?

Van theft is at a record high with a 45% increase in thefts over the last four years, which amounts to 30,000 vehicles stolen since 2015, according to research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Roughly 10,000 of those 30,000 vans have been stolen in the last year, according to police statistics.

What is a slam lock?

A Slamlock integrates with the existing locking mechanism on your vehicle. If a slamlock is fitted, the door of the vehicle automatically locks when it closes. … The door is unlocked with a key and then as the driver pushes the door closed it automatically locks behind him.

How can I make my car more secure?

7 ways to keep your car safe at home – according to an ex-burglar…Turn your car wheels into the curb. A simple but effective trick is to turn your wheels into the curb or towards another vehicle. … Get a steering wheel lock. … Keep your valuables out of sight. … Invest in security window etching. … Watch them. … Light it up. … Get an Anti RFID wallet.

What color cars get stolen the most?

green carsSurprisingly, green cars are the most popular among car thieves according to recent research by Monash University Accident Research Centre. While white may be the most common car colour – they’re stolen at a rate of 2.65/1000 registered vehicles.

What triggers anti theft in a car?

The anti-theft system on a car might activate if you have a dead key fob battery and the system hasn’t been disabled. Check to be sure that the battery on your key fob is installed correctly. Step 2: Check the door lock cylinder.

How can I prevent my car from being stolen from drive?

How To Prevent Your Car From Being StolenKeep your vehicle locked at all times, even while driving.When parked, never leave your keys in the car. … Never leave your car running and unattended.Avoid leaving valuables inside your vehicle where passersby can see them.Do not leave your vehicle title in the car. … Know where you’re going.More items…

How can I stop my van from breaking into?

Don’t Become a Victim: How to Prevent Van and Tool TheftLock your van. We know this is an obvious one. … Don’t leave your van keys by the front door. … Don’t leave valuables on display. … Store your tools sensibly. … Invest in additional security. … Park for prevention. … Ensure your van has an alarm and immobiliser fitted. … Insurance.More items…

What’s the best anti theft device for a car?

Here are the best tools, devices and tips for preventing car theft in 2019.Steering Wheel Locks. … Tire & Rim Locks. … Car Part Protection. … Car Alarms. … Track Your Car With a GPS Device. … Kill Switches. … No-Cost Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips.

What cars are easiest to steal?

Here are the 10 most stolen vehicles of 2018 by make and model year:2000 Honda Civic.1997 Honda Accord.2006 Ford Pickup (full-size)2004 Chevrolet Pickup (full-size)2017 Toyota Camry.2017 Nissan Altima.2018 Toyota Corolla.2018 GMC Pickup (full-size)More items…

Are van deadlocks secure?

If you think that getting additional van door locks fitted would be beneficial for the security for your van, then a deadlock is a good lock to purchase. You can trust that deadlocks for vans have been tried and tested over the years and they are now incredibly reliable.

How do I secure my van?

Top Tips on Keeping Your Van and it’s Contents Secure’No tools left in this van overnight’ … Don’t leave your van unlocked and unattended. … Keep windows closed. … Steel window Grills/window tints. … Chain & padlock items to the inside of the van. … Mark tools with a UV pen. … Install a Thatcham CAT1 alarm. … Slamlocks.More items…•