Clash Of Magic Server 3 APK Free Download-Clash Of Clans 2019

There are so many private servers for  Clash of Clans , but  Clash of Magic  is one of the best private servers with modification and without modification.

 Are you tired of playing by the rules and collecting resources??? 

For those passionate players, Clash of Magic S3 is the ultimate choice by Clash of Magic private servers.

These private servers are a step forward as they are without limitations so you can enjoy unlimited resources and hassle-free game. GREAT! This article will solve all your problems.

 Clash of Magic S3 

The Clash of Clan private server is not hosted by Supercell but is rather hosted by a third-party.

The CO Magic S3 is getting quite popular these days among the COC gamers due to all the unique features it has.

 Can’t wait to know about its features…??? Here we go 



Features Coc Magic S3

Co Magic S3 servers provide you with unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.
It is hosted on fast servers which ensure uninterrupted gameplay and fast speed.
You can create anything without restriction and zero building time, as the server is highly modified.
This private server is 100% safe because they are secured from DDOS attacks and your date is fully secured and encrypted.
You do not need to pay anything to get the unlimited resources.
Multiple players can play the game because of its high speed.
You do not need to root your device.
It uses the latest technology that eliminates the requirement of the rooted device.

This server is the most popular and powerful server considered among all other servers because it uses powerful hardware. It is also known as “Power of Magic” because of its features. If you are not impressed with customization of modes then this server is just for you.

 Difference between CO Magic S3 and COC 

The main difference between these two is that the CO Magic S3 is highly modified and comes with unlimited resources whereas in original COC you have to play regularly to unlock the things and to get Gold, Gems, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.

Both games are good at security level as COC is hosted by Supercell servers but CO Magic S3 is based on third-party managing servers.

They both are compatible with Android as well as its operating system and are both in good and same visuals.

 Now, let me tell you how to install this exciting game on your devices. 


 Install Clash of Magic S3 


You have to follow these simple steps to install this amazing game. They are as follows;

1-The CO Magic S3 supports all type of screens even android desktop too.

2-Go to security options and unable Unknown resources to install Clash of Magic S3.

3-Uninstall the original version of Clash of Clans. From the first link in the browser download the CO Magic S3 APK file.

4-Once the file of  Clash of Magic download grant the required permission of location.

5-Read phone status, identity permission, media access, can view Wi-Fi connections and permission of device ID and call information.

6-After successful installation, an icon will appear on the screen, tap it and enjoy its unique and outstanding features.


I think Clash of Magic S3 is one of the best private servers which allow you to play Clash of Clans with freedom. It has much more features as compared to any other private server.

You can get unlimited resources such as Gold, Gems, and Elixir without spending your time and money on unlocking these resources. It is a highly popular server with millions of downloads worldwide. So, without further thinking download it and enjoy.

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